Mr. Dunderbak’s, No Longer Just a Mall Stop

One of our favorite places to go to eat in Tampa is Mr. Dunderbak’s. This is not the little Dunderbak’s you knew in University Mall. Okay, well, technically it is, but it’s all grown up now, and no longer in the mall. This is a plus for the restaurant in itself, because University Mall is not a place I want to go to dine, or really, even shop.

Mr. Dunderbak’s is now located on Bruce B. Downs in New Tampa. It is a nice large location with 2 bars, a private room, outside seats, and a full stock of beers from around the world. If you’re looking for a good place to have a beer and chill with friends, just pull up a bench in this german bier garten.


Raspberry framboise, my drink of choice at Dunderbak's


The german food is good. I especially like the scnitzel and warm potato salad. The german pretzel is great for tasting the many mustards that Dunderbak’s offers. Although, not german, I really like the Cordon Bleu bites as an appetizer, and there are plenty of unique sandwiches to choose from. My latest selection was a Black Russian, a hot triple-decker roast beef on pumpernickel with herb cream cheese. It was really good.

And when you’re done with your meal, you can shop the many imported chocolates, and cookies, or have the waitress bring you some nice warm apple strudel. Delicious!
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