A Day at Beer Can Island, Tampa Bay

My mission with Taming Tampa is to explore parts of the Tampa Bay area that I’ve never explored before. I certainly did that this weekend when I went someplace in Tampa Bay that is off-limits to most.

Beer Can Island, officially known as Pine Key Island is a local party spot, but unless you have a boat, or in my case a friend with a boat, you won’t be hitting up this beach.

Beer Can Island, Tampa

I’ve heard my friends talk of Beer Can for years, but this was my first time getting out there. There was a whole lot of boats pulled up to this little island, and as its name would suggest there was a lot of beer drinking going on which made for some great people watching.

Camping out in blazing Florida heat is not my thing, but quite a few tents dotted the island for those people looking to make a weekend of it.  I had a good time with great company. I enjoyed the water and the sun, but I wouldn’t want to do it all day, every weekend. I say if you’ve got the boat, make this a stop in your day, but don’t get a boat just to make this your destination. If you’re looking to spend a day at the beach, there are a lot of great Florida Beaches that don’t require you to swim between the boats.

Looking towards Tampa from Beer Can Island

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