Babe’s Pizza, The Double Decker is Worth the Wait.

I had a craving for some really good pizza today, and I knew right where I was heading!

Babe’s Pizza in Brandon is home of the Double Decker Pizza. What’s a Double Decker pizza you ask? The Double Decker is a layers on layers of deliciousness, and Babe’s has been doing it for over 30 years.

Babe’s Pizza in Brandon

Babe’s starts their Double Decker with a hand tossed dough, then comes the sauce, tons of toppings, another layer of dough, then more sauce, toppings and cheese, glorious cheese!

1 heavy slice of pizza

What I like about Babe’s is the freshness of their pizza. It wouldn’t matter that they make a double decker if it didn’t taste good. This isn’t some chain pizza joint giving you frozen dough and some thick tomato paste out of a can. Their flavor is excellent, with plenty of toppings, and just the right amount of sauce.

A pizza this thick takes a while to bake, (30 minutes) so make sure to allow yourself plenty of time if you’re eating in the restaurant. And, don’t expect anything fancy. This is an old school pizzeria with red booths, and plastic cups and dishes. But, this isn’t a place you go for the ambience. This is about the pizza!

I prefer to order my pizza to avoid the long wait you can always find for people dining in. Here’s a tip: Even though the restaurant doesn’t open until 5:00, you can call your order in at 4:30, so it will be ready for you when they open. And, nothing is better than being handed a delicious Babe’s Pizza with a friendly smile.

If you’re in the Tampa area and looking for some good hearty pizza, be sure to go to Babe’s. It’s worth the wait.
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5 thoughts on “Babe’s Pizza, The Double Decker is Worth the Wait.

  1. Not only is the pizza fantastic; the owner is one of few employers in our town that hires high school students. He isn’t afraid to give them a little fatherly advice here and there either. Excellent place all around.

  2. I have moved to oh for work purposes an I miss your pizza so bad I tell people here u don’t know how to make pizza like babes’s in Brandon fl I lived off parsons ave an it was so nice to go around the an get a supreme double down rock an role kick me back eat 2 slices 2 beers an out go the lights thankyou pizza you need to open a shop in niles oh it would be a goldmine please please please

  3. Sorry excuse for pizza.
    I’m not a negative person but I wasted my money on the worst pizza crust I’ve ever had, frozen pizza would be an upgrade.

  4. I live In Winter Haven, Florida. I am always willing to make the one hour drive to Brandon for some of Babes Double Decker Pizza. It is the best pizza that I and my family has ever had. The only negative comment I can make about Babes is their hours, I wish that they were open earlier. Many times I find myself in that area because of work and I start to think of that Double Decker Pizza and I can’t get any because they do not open until 5. Great Job Babes !! Think about being open earlier so that more peole can experience the taste of a fantastic pizza…..

    • Thanks, for the comments, Robert! I agree with you. The hours at Babe’s are not at all convenient. They don’t open until 5:00, so there are many times where I end up deciding to get something else because I need to be somewhere else.

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