Dolphins Gather in Clearwater Beach

I was in Clearwater Beach today for lunch at the new Hooters, which is located at the round-about, above an equally new Ron Jon Surf Shop. After lunch, we took a walk across the street to check out the dolphin art. The dolphins line the perimeter of the park at Pier 60. Each one was created by a different artist and was sponsored by a local business or organization. They were all really cool. If you get a chance, head over there, but do it before September 4th. After that, they’re gone.

One thought on “Dolphins Gather in Clearwater Beach

  1. Very neat! I live near the Twin Cities and in celebration of Charles Schulz we had several years of Peanuts characters done like this throughout the Metro area. Then when the MN Science Museum turned 100 they did dinosaurs all over the cities as well! I love looking at this type of art – each one is the same structurally but each artist makes them so unique and awesome!

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